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imgSeeing normal wear and tear on your driveway is a matter to be considered although the driveway and parking lots last for a maximum of 30 years if you provide it with proper maintenance. If you neglect the support of your driveway, you will notice the further severe damages which will end up with costly repair or replacement.

Here is a list of signs your driveway may be showing and indicating for the repair. Inspect your path, if it is showing below signs then contact the professionals to repair it.

Alligator Cracks

In case your driveway is showing a series of overlapping cracks, it means your path is divided into a series of tiny, broken sections which are called alligator cracks. It indicates for the sub-base under your driveway is no longer supportive.

Drainage Issue

If you notice the water is not draining correctly and pooling on your driveway, it is another sign to repair your driveway as soon as possible because this can weaken the pavement and lead to cracks.


When water below the driveway freezes, the ground spreads. To its contrary, the ground contracts when water melts. With temperature fluctuation to above and below the ground expands and contracts repeatedly which weaken the asphalt and result in potholes.

Remember, not every driveway problem is worth to repair, sometimes you may need to replace your driveway depending on its situations. For this, you can consult with professionals at Reinforced Concrete. Our technician will evaluate the driveway and determine the best course of action to provide you with safe and durable driveway.

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