EXPOSED AGGREGATE CONCRETE SERVICES IN HAMILTON Are you planning to invest in a concrete to redefine the beauty of your home or office? If yes, there are a lot of concrete design choices you can choose, including stamped concrete, exposed aggregate, architectural ,smooth and broom finish concrete. Out of all, exposed aggregate is the most durable, easiest to maintain and never loses its colour.

Reinforced Concrete is a full-service concrete company offering an array of services related to exposed aggregate concrete in Hamilton. No matter, you want to construct a driveway, walkway or even a deck, our professionals are ready to handle your project.

Why Opt For Exposed Aggregate?

It is a decorative concrete that consists of natural stones from the river beds and beads which is mixed into a concrete base. What makes this concrete style an ideal choice is a touch of class combined with durability. Some benefits include:

  • Cost effective and modern alternative
  • Durable and fade resistant concrete
  • Wide range of colours and textures
  • Suitable for all outdoor living areas

To make sure your new exposed aggregate driveway looks a lot more than just perfect, we offer a an arrangement of colours to choose from so that you can opt for the one that best compliments your property. We apply a high gloss sealant so that the concrete will really POP.

Regular Maintenance Of Exposed Aggregate Concrete

Being the experts in exposed aggregate concrete services, we know the importance of proper sealing and finishing. It not only protects the exposed aggregate concrete driveway from fading and damages but also refines its beauty. With exposed aggregate, the level of maintenance is your choice.

At Reinforced Concrete, we specialize in regular and periodic maintenance of exposed aggregate structures in your property. Feel free to call us anytime to schedule a concrete installation or repair service in Hamilton.

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