ARCHITECTURAL CONCRETE FINISH IN HAMILTON If you are searching for a versatile and durable material for your driveway or walkway installation, the concrete material is the ideal choice. It is widely used in a number of residential and commercial construction projects due to the exceptional strength it provide.

At Reinforced Concrete, we offer an array of finishing services including smooth and broom finish. No matter, how small or large your project is, we are experts in handling them all.

Types of Concrete Finishes

To make sure your concrete structure looks pleasing and beautiful, it is important to give it a smooth surface and finish. In order to serve the purpose, a concrete finisher is used to level out the concrete as soon as it is poured. This removes the excess material and fills the gap. Our professionals utilize the given techniques to ensure a broom or smooth finished concrete walkway.

Broom Finish

This finishing option makes a surface slip resistant. It is generally done after the process of concrete placement and levelling is completed This prevents slipping down especially when the floor is wet.

Smooth Finish

In contrast to broom finish that uses a broom to roughen the surface, smooth finish concrete offers better grip and surface. It includes using a smooth or flat trowel to create fewer ridges that are lesser visible and looks great for various projects.

Concrete finishing is ideal for driveways, patios, sidewalks, stairs and decks.

What We Offer?

Reinforced Concrete offers different finishing options to make sure your concrete project ends up being reliable and efficient. With various finishing options provided by our contractors, you need not have to settle for just a plain gray concrete.

To start with the broom finish concrete driveway in Hamilton, we will discuss with you all the possible options to turn your concrete project into the one you actually dreamed of. We favor smooth and broom finish to make sure a concrete surface is not at all slippery or simple looking.

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