EXPOSED CONCRETE Exposed Aggregate Concrete is a popular and commonly utilized material across Canada. Exposed Aggregate, more than any other decorative concrete finish, can withstand our harsh winters with the least amount of damage. This is because the top layer of the finish is wiped away, removing the weaker cream seen in other finishes and reducing the risk of spilling. Exposed Aggregate mixes are unique mix designs that include more rock than conventional mixes, resulting in a larger surface area of rock content, which is desirable in this decorative concrete finish. Because supply and sources change over time, aggregate colors and sizes will fluctuate.

Exposed aggregate is a specialized type of decorative cement utilizing peastone aggregate in concrete mix and then later exposing the surface using a multi-step technique. Exposed aggregate is exceptionally durable and offers many advantages over plain cement. We use crushed concrete as a base, which is tightly compacted to create an even footing. Exposed aggregate is a highly versatile finish that can be utilized in just about any design you can think up. We ensure a seamless, comfortable customer experience. We are here to help you create a design that’s as unique to you. We have an expert designer on staff to work with you, one-on-one, to develop plans for your ideal exposed aggregate project.

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